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Virtualisation and isolation - You can have multiple virtual servers that are practically like running individual physical servers, but with the flexibility of bursting above capacity.

You can customise your server or choose from a library of over 100 purpose built templates.

They’re extremely fast and efficient because there is virtually no overhead as the container is built into the kernel.

Live migration - Nothing is static, we are constantly upgrading our equipment or data centres and sometime we detect parity errors in the memory or system ram, when this rarely occurs the systems migrate to another server. With sub-second downtime our systems synchronizes the system ram and synchronizes the routing table for instant operation in the same state prior to migration.

Elastic resource allocation - Ever needed to add more resources such as CPUs, RAM or local storage? This can be done online in real time. This means zero down time.

This can be done online in real time.

Containerism - Containerisation (containers) - does not have the overhead of a traditional hypervisors. They are fast and efficient with minimal overhead.

The Environment - The MoxRox Linux kernel has containerism inbuilt into our platform. The operating systems are based on linux templates. Most Linux distributions are available as templates. The popular version include Centos, Debian, Fedora and Ubuntu. This results in ‘On the Fly’ provisioning, cloning and backups.


The snapshot and the instantiation into operating clones. Snapshots are great for backups, even better for spinning up new clones for development or load balancing solutions.

Snapshots and clones

- Taking backups of your virtual servers are quick and simple.

- Making clones is a great way to deploy a set of servers you require for your business purposes very quickly. Configure one server as the basis to implement and deploy other servers.

Superior Technologies

Cloud Technology

The loopback device - its our secret. Accelerated Input Output, just write to yourself, like a mirror. Copy on write, I’m sure its quicker than writing to disk ? It’s a container file system in a file. Colleagues call this the ‘data portal’, its like shoot bits at yourself but the data ends up stored elsewhere.

Our cloud virtualisation solutions utilises virtual drives designed with a non blocking architecture.

Our systems don’t wait for write confirmations releasing resource wait states considerably.

TMPFS - Temporary File System

Replace your local storage device with a random access memory disk drive (RAM, commonly known as memory). Blazingly quick read and writes because there is no physical hard disk limitations. You thought SSDs were fast, wait till your operating system runs in our ram drives. High Performance Computing now standard on all MoxRox servers.

KVM - the Linux Kernel Virtual Machine

To extend our platform to support Operating Systems such as Android, Windows, Solaris and FreeBSD (most other platforms supported as well) KVM has been implemented. This fast embedded hypervisor is a stable and mature implementation that has been supported upstream since 2007.

RDMA Remote Direct Memory Access

Parallel Asynchronous Input Output, this is basically where the communications bypasses the CPU reducing the time and processing load on the server. Thus results in an increase in speed and reduces the processing load. Our network runs on a 10g backbone with special converged network offload cards. With an easy migration path upto 40g on core switch already have the capacity to support our next platform.

We’ve implemented a converged network which allows us to run and manage a scalable elastic network. In the past multiple devices were required to support the high performance computing, such as Fibre channel, 10Gb Ethernet, iSCSI, and iWarp. Today converged networking allows multi-protocol offload support, added with software defined networks and routing and you have some very flexible computing at your finger tips.

NFS - Network File System

The core to a fast network is a fast filesystem. How do you design your file systems? do you choose a block based architecture? file based? how do you manage failover and load balancing? where is your single point of failure? do you checksum your data for data corruption? what type of file system do you use? journaled, versioned, databased or flash.


Storage pools

“We’re in the business of providing extremely fast, expandable and reliable solutions and services. “

Lightweight filesystem creation

High availability


Elastic resource allocation - Ever needed to add more resources such as CPUs


Our cloud virtualisation solutions utilises virtual drives designed with a non blocking architecture.

Easy Customisable

Via the member's dashboard, one can modify and/or make changes to your servers.

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