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TLD Min. Years Register Transfer Renew
.com 1 $15.00AUD $15.00AUD $15.00AUD
.net 1 $15.00AUD $15.00AUD $15.00AUD
.org 1 $15.00AUD $15.00AUD $15.00AUD
.info 1 $19.80AUD $19.80AUD $19.80AUD 2 $24.20AUD $0.00AUD $24.20AUD 2 $24.20AUD $0.00AUD $24.20AUD 2 $20.90AUD $0.00AUD $20.90AUD 2 $20.90AUD $0.00AUD $20.90AUD 2 $20.90AUD $0.00AUD $20.90AUD
.pw 1 $9.90AUD $9.90AUD $9.90AUD
.us 1 $15.00AUD $15.00AUD $15.00AUD
.name 1 $12.10AUD $12.10AUD $12.10AUD 1 $9.90AUD $9.90AUD $9.90AUD 1 $9.90AUD $9.90AUD $9.90AUD 1 $9.90AUD $9.90AUD $9.90AUD
.uk 1 $9.90AUD $9.90AUD $9.90AUD
.biz 1 $19.80AUD $19.80AUD $19.80AUD
.asia 1 $19.80AUD $19.80AUD $19.80AUD
.so 1 $19.80AUD $19.80AUD $19.80AUD 1 $19.80AUD $0.00AUD $19.80AUD 1 $19.80AUD $0.00AUD $19.80AUD 1 $19.80AUD $0.00AUD $19.80AUD 1 $19.80AUD $0.00AUD $19.80AUD
.mobi 1 $19.80AUD $19.80AUD $19.80AUD
.me 1 $19.80AUD $19.80AUD $19.80AUD
.tw 1 $25.85AUD $25.85AUD $25.85AUD
.bz 1 $25.85AUD $25.85AUD $25.85AUD
.lc 1 $30.00AUD $30.00AUD $30.00AUD
.co 1 $33.00AUD $33.00AUD $33.00AUD
.cc 1 $33.00AUD $33.00AUD $33.00AUD
.tv 1 $42.90AUD $42.90AUD $42.90AUD
.vc 1 $42.90AUD $42.90AUD $42.90AUD
.la 1 $42.90AUD $42.90AUD $42.90AUD
.mn 1 $58.50AUD $58.50AUD $58.50AUD
.io 1 $83.60AUD $83.60AUD $83.60AUD
.xxx 1 $99.00AUD $99.00AUD $99.00AUD
.fm 1 $108.90AUD $108.90AUD $108.90AUD
.ag 1 $129.00AUD $129.00AUD $129.00AUD
.sc 1 $129.00AUD $129.00AUD $129.00AUD
.im 1 $99.00AUD $99.00AUD $99.00AUD
.nz 1 $21.50AUD $0.00AUD $21.50AUD 1 $21.50AUD $0.00AUD $21.50AUD 1 $14.00AUD $0.00AUD $14.00AUD
.ac 1 $89.00AUD $89.00AUD $89.00AUD
.cx 1 $138.75AUD $138.75AUD $93.75AUD
.fo 1 $89.75AUD $89.75AUD $89.75AUD
.gd 1 $48.75AUD $48.75AUD $48.75AUD
.gy 1 $48.50AUD $66.75AUD $48.50AUD
.ms 1 $93.75AUD $93.75AUD $93.75AUD
.sh 1 $89.00AUD $89.00AUD $89.00AUD
.st 1 $52.25AUD $52.25AUD $52.25AUD
.vg 1 $48.75AUD $48.75AUD $48.75AUD
.ws 1 $37.50AUD $37.50AUD $37.50AUD


Elastic resource allocation - Ever needed to add more resources such as CPUs


Our cloud virtualisation solutions utilises virtual drives designed with a non blocking architecture.

Easy Customisable

Via the member's dashboard, one can modify and/or make changes to your servers.

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