Initiate, deploy and scale. is an Bitrix24 APAC Deployment Partner.

Bitrix24 is an awesome tool that companies can utilise to grow and manage their business

From CRM, Tasks and Projects, Contact Center, Websites and inbuilt communications this is the facility you should use to enchance your business management. is an OpenQRM Enterprise APAC Deployment Partner.

OpenQRM Enterprise specialises in Data Centre Orchestration. We help organisations convert their legacy networks to a next generation platform. Convert your computing assets into a Diskless bootable clustered platform with MOXROX Virtual Engine which will enable Layer 3 Containers and Virtual Machines with live migration and Open Vswitch capabilities.

Custom solutions include optimisations for Chelsio NICs with ISCSI and TCP Offload engines enabling wire speed 10g, 40g and 100g switching.

The MOXROX Virtual engine enables organisations to utilise the a combination of SAN technologises including NFS, CEPH, GlusterFS and ISCSI.

Implementing Layer 3 Containers in a variety of different Linux distributions including Centos, Fedora, Debian and Ubuntu to name a few.

Also simulatenously supporting Virtual Machines utilising KVM and Open Vswitch for tagged VLAN acceleration.

Our distributors are - Australia's leading HPC distributors, solutions include Container Orchestration and MoxRox Telco and IAAS Cloud Managed Containers.

What is a MoxRox Cloud?

You have an office in Melbourne and an office in the Singapore and your staff are working seamlessly together as if they were in the next room. A Moxrox Cloud makes this possible. It's a Global Virtual Private Network, making it easier for offices worldwide to connect with each other.

Made with love

Our network operations team have spent tirelessly developing a system close to their heart!

Well put together

Our network operations team have spent tirelessly developing a system close to their heart!

Works the way you want

Our network operations team have spent tirelessly developing a system close to their heart!


Elastic resource allocation - Ever needed to add more resources such as CPUs


Our cloud virtualisation solutions utilises virtual drives designed with a non blocking architecture.

Easy Customisable

Via the member's dashboard, one can modify and/or make changes to your servers.

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